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What does do? is a web based services company that offers services to the public for selling and buying used vehicles currently in the UK and India.

Unable to Advertise your car OR Manage your Advertisement? Even after logging in?

It is because you have cookies disabled in your browser. In order to advertise and manage your advertisement you need to enable cookies and enable javascript in your browser. If you need help to enable cookies in your browser, Please see the question below

How to enable cookies in my browser?

To enable cookies in your internet explorer, Click "Tools" menu on the top of the Internet Explorer window and click "Options" in the list. A small window will open with various tabs on the top. Choose "Privacy" and then select "Advanced". In Advanced choose "Override automatic cookie handling" and also choose "Always allow session cookies". Close the current browser window and try to login again with a new browser window. If you still have issues, please send an email to, we will be glad to assist you.

What to do if I am not able to advertise my car?

Send an email to with details of your car - Manufacturer, Model, Year Manufactured, Miles run, Contact Telephone number, Contact Address, Your Name, Description for your Vehicle, Your State and Your City, Email address, Price that you want to sell the car for, Type of seller (Private or Owner, or Dealer or Agent) and finally if you have a photo attach the photo with your email.

What kind of cars does CarTradersUk advertise? website allows customers to advertise and sell any type of vehicle. If you do not find your make and model of car, please send an email to and we will add the make and model that you request.

What to do if I dont find my vehicle in the vehicle types available?

Contact us and give your vehicle make and model information, we will add it in our system.

How can i remove my advertisement?

Log into the system with your emailid and password, and choose Manage Advertisements, and delete your advertisement.

How long is my advertisement available in the system?

Adveritse your car until the car is sold!

What is the fees to advertise my car in the website?

It is FREE! to advertise your car with

How can I upload a photo of my car?

You will need a photo of your car in a jpg or bmp or any image format to upload it. Choose upload photo's option while making the advertisement. If you are unable to upload your photo, send it by email to we will make sure your photo is added to your advertisement.

How can I sell my bike in CarTradersUk web site?

We will soon be launching our website to sell bikes. This functionality is currently not available.

I am a Dealer/Trader, How do I use your service?

You can register as a dealer in our website, You will have to choose the number of Advertisement slots you need during registration. Each slot holds information for one car. If you have 25 cars to be sold then choose 25 slots for advertising.

Dealers/Traders: How do I upload my car details?

It is simple and easy. All you have to do is, login into our website with your email id and password in the dealer login page. Click on "Manage Advertisements" to have complete control over your advertisements.

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