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Why Internet?

Internet is becoming a part of everyones life. In recent days all major ISP providers are providing cheap and affordable high speed internet access via Broadband. In short, the internet is becoming a stronger market place and will play a large role in the future for anything and everything.

What are the Advantages?
  • Instant Activation of Advertisements
  • No commission or charges linked to the sale. Free advertising.
  • Advertisement Visible to millions of viewers immediately
  • More flexibility to control advertisements
  • Technical support
  • Customer lead tracking, Automated emails from system when a buyer is interested in your car.
  • If your car advertisement matches the requirement of a customer listed in the 'Cars Wanted', The buyer will be automatically notified.
  • Flexibility to edit your advertisement description.
  • Advertisement life of 3 months, We will send you reminders at 30th day and 60th day to remove the Ad if car is sold.
  • Selling Advice and Expert Advice services to all sellers free of cost.

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