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Exercising Inside the Car

People are very busy with their work nowadays, so they have insufficient time to travel to their nearest fitness centres. Unfortunately, they spend most of their time trapped in a traffic jam. Such a scenario can be very frustrating, considering that you could have spent your time doing productive things at work or doing your fitness routine. However, to maintain your health and wellness, you can still do little exercises to avoid sore muscles caused by long periods of sitting inside your car.

Among the easiest exercises to do while sitting behind the steering wheel are isometric contractions in which you exert force on your muscle by squeezing and holding the contractions for a short while, and then releasing them. These are ideal exercises that aid in burning calories and lowering the chances of stiffness in joints. You can do these exercises on your neck, shoulders, arms, buttocks, thighs, legs, and ankles, among other parts of your body. Isometric contractions are often used in stretching exercises and yoga sessions. The idea is to exert effort in order to engage your muscles to contract then hold it for a few minutes or so; then release the tension slowly. Repeat the same process depending on your preference.

When traffic is almost non-moving, you can do a bit of press-ups and sit-ups for your abdominal muscles. With your body lying on a horizontally inclined car seat and with your feet flat on the floor for sit-ups or on the dashboard for press-ups, push your upper body upwards and feel the strain on your abdominal muscles. Go back to a lying position and repeat the process.

There are more exercises that you can try inside your car. So if you spend more time stuck in traffic than in your fitness centre, try to adapt some of the traditional exercises to suit your needs and situation.

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