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Touring UK by Car

For travellers who want to see and experience UK in a rather different way, there is one travel option which everyone will certainly be grateful to experience - and that is touring the region by car. This trip is ideal for those who hate to sit in a bus with other tourists. Instead, they can get to be their own travel guide and explore the whole of England, Wales, Ireland or Scotland at their own pace and time.

Touring by car is the best way to see the best travel spots in the UK. And with hundreds of car hire companies operating across the region, hiring a car and travelling by road would be very easy. But, to ensure complete convenience, car travellers are advised to book their cars before their flight. If possible, travellers are recommended to book their cars from companies that provide car tour services so they can have complete assistance and guidance.

Meanwhile, when booking a car hire for a tour in the UK, travellers need to furnish the rental companies with the necessary documents. These would include a valid driver's license (held for at least a year or two) or an international driver's permit. It must be noted that there is an average minimum car hire age in the UK. Usually, only licensed drivers between 23 and 70 (21 to 80 in some cases) are allowed to avail of the service. However, drivers who are younger or older than the age requirement may be allowed to hire a car with some restrictions on the type and size of cars they can get for a tour.

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